Project Guidelines

Projects must have a positive community impact.

fundmy150 supports projects that have a positive impact in your local community or on your campus. The platform is not intended to be used for personal gain or to raise money for personal use – like your vacation to the Maldives.

Projects and goals must be clearly outlined.

Be clear not only about what you hope to achieve with your project, but also about how you hope to achieve it. When submitting, be sure to give as much detail as possible about the steps in your plan, set up, timeline, operational costs and funding goals.

Projects cannot raise funds for charity.

While projects must have a positive impact, crowdfunding donations to give to charity does not constitute a project.

Projects cannot offer equity.

fundmy150 can be used to launch cool entrepreneurial ideas and new businesses; however, offering incentives such as equity in your new company is not permitted.

Projects cannot involve prohibited items.

Firearms, weapons, offensive materials (e.g. hate speech, anything encouraging violence), pornographic materials, political fundraising, drugs, or anything prohibited by local and/or national laws are not permitted.

If you have concerns about any aspect of your project conforming to these guidelines, please contact us.